Free Series: LinkedIn for Executives

  We learned a lot of things throughout this process. As (just barely) millennials, Clare and I take a lot of things for granted. Internet literacy and comfort are two such things (after all, our formative years were spent with Internet access). Our coaching clients reminded us that many top-level pros grew up in a time where sharing and transparency meant something very different. In fact, many of our clients didn’t even have an email account in their early careers!  Clients also…

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Why you are STILL wrong about social media 

TIME TO READ THIS ARTICLE:         The true value of social media comes from the direct relationships it lets you build with your audience.  In the past, brands relied on second hand data, surveys, focus groups and the like to understand their marketplace and their customers.  Now, they have a direct line to these people, but sadly many are not using it wisely. This story below demonstrates the TRUE power and definition of social media. Morton’s Steakhouse…

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So you think you want to crowdfund? 

Time to read this post: So you think you want to crowdfund? 6 questions you must answer before you decide. You have probably heard that one about the guy who crowdfunded over $50,000 for potato salad. If not the potato salad story, you’ve surely heard of the gut-wrenching, community togetherness story of the crowdfunding campaign for Toronto’s Elijah Marsh. The idea of crowdfunding is being tossed around at a lot of nonprofits and charities these days. As we hear about success stories, it’s easy…

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Top 3 Digital Marketing and Social Media Questions (with Answers)

Unable to watch the video above? No worries, read on! Most of the people coming to us for help started their careers before the mainstream “digital age” of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and all the other instantaneous connection services we’ve all come to love (or hate…or love-hate). These folks are senior-level executives or management-level staff from businesses and nonprofits who want to improve their own skills and understanding of the online marketing space. Below are our most common…

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Email Productivity Tips 

So, you got my ‘out of office’ message and your curious…….. Well, using a program called Rescue Time, which monitors your activity on your computer each day and gives you reports on your productivity, I saw that I was spending 56% of my week in Gmail – eek! I wanted to change that, so I searched for the best online resources and recommendations and bought this ebook: It changed my productivity dramatically!   E-mail is disruptive and addictive – break…

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