Taken your #subzeroselfie yet? 

Taken your #subzeroselfie yet? It’s cold outside. Very cold. Unlike many of you reading this post, there are people in each of our communities who don’t have a warm place to go on a cold night (or any night). On February 13, 2015, our very own Allie Kosela woke up to social networks filled with comments about the frigid temperature. She thought to herself, “So many people are talking about this, how can we turn it into something good?” Allie…

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Google Plus – Ghost Town or Gold Mine? 

I shared an infographic some time ago that compared Google Plus to Facebook. At that time, Google Plus was just over a year old, and growing fast. It wasn’t reaching anywhere near the same number of people as Facebook, but hey—what does? It was young and growing faster than any other social media network at the time, and for a while it looked like the next big thing. Now, a year later, Google Plus is still….here.  If you already have…

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Guest Post: The Need for Women to Lead

Women in Social Business Forum On Monday May 6, 2013, the Women in Leadership Foundation will be hosting Canada’s inaugural Women in Social Business Forum. The Forum, to be held at the Canadian Museum of Nature – Ottawa, will highlight women’s leadership in the growing sector of social business. What makes this event significant is not that we don’t have great female leaders in our sector, it’s that we don’t celebrate them. As women come together to hear the stories…

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