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Supercharge your content marketing strategy

6 great content marketing resources If you’re trying to build a solid web presence, the term content marketing will have presented itself more than once. You understand it’s important, but where should you start? A Google search will produce a seemingly unlimited number of links. With all of the resources available, sorting through the good, the bad, and the ugly has probably left you exhausted and maybe discouraged. To save you the time and the effort, I’ve sorted through the…

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There’s no such thing as a social media strategy

There’s no such thing as social media strategy What I really mean, is that there is no such thing as a stand alone social media strategy, that exists outside of your strategic planning, and your marketing and communications plans, and your sales and lead generation work. The rest of this post is written with a particular reader in mind (another classic marketing tactic), in this post I am going to explain to leaders who don’t have a particularly strong marketing…

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8 digital marketing articles you need to read before 2016

At Socially Good, we spend lots of our time keeping up with changes, trends, new platforms, best practices and tools and techniques.  At this time of year, lots of outlets are publishing their tips, predictions and ideas about what will be ‘hot’ in 2016, and where we should all be focussing our efforts when it comes to digital marketing.  To help you out, dear reader, we have scoured the web, read them all, and selected the best of the best…

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Livestreaming: Periscope and Meerkat for storytelling

Time to read this post:   Periscope and Meerkat While we make it our business to keep up to date on the latest tools, platforms and trends in digital media, we sat back and waited when it came to live streaming apps Pericope and Meerkat.  Why?  Well, with two strong contenders in the market launching in very close proximity, the first question was which horse to back! Twitter owns Periscope, and as such, this user base has developed more quickly, already surpassing…

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How to write a blog post 

Photo by Aleksi Tappura Time to read this article: Our wonderful clients often ask us for tips about how to write their first blog post. These are the tips we give our beginner bloggers to get started with how to write a blog post. Step 1: Pick your topic After someone reads your blog, what do you want them to come away with? Do you have an announcement, facts, or a meaningful story to tell? Figure out exactly what you want…

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