Supercharge your content marketing strategy

6 great content marketing resources If you’re trying to build a solid web presence, the term content marketing will have presented itself more than once. You understand it’s important, but where should you start? A Google search will produce a seemingly unlimited number of links. With all of the resources available, sorting through the good, the bad, and the ugly has probably left you exhausted and maybe discouraged. To save you the time and the effort, I’ve sorted through the…

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There’s no such thing as a social media strategy

There’s no such thing as social media strategy What I really mean, is that there is no such thing as a stand alone social media strategy, that exists outside of your strategic planning, and your marketing and communications plans, and your sales and lead generation work. The rest of this post is written with a particular reader in mind (another classic marketing tactic), in this post I am going to explain to leaders who don’t have a particularly strong marketing…

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Why hiring digital staff can be a challenge (and how to overcome it)

Why Hiring Digital Staff Can Be A Challenge (and how to overcome it) Taking the first steps into really investing in digital strategy for your business or nonprofit usually means that it is time to hire someone to take the reigns and drive this forward. However, doing so can be fraught with challenges for senior executives, when essentially you need to hire someone to carry out a role that you don’t fully understand yourself.  In fact, we have found this…

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Digital Literacy For Leaders

The Case For Digital Literacy for Leaders

You have a problem.  Some might call it a leadership blind spot.  We live in an age where you can order food to your door with two taps on your smartphone.  Where you can see in real time where your cab is, and when it’s going to arrive at your door.  We can track flights so that we know the precise second our loved one lands at the airport. Retail stores can send you personalised messages in real time when…

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Digital Ignorance Can Make Your Business Look Foolish

What’s wrong with this question below? “Hey guys, I’m running a wedding giveaway for a hotel and event center. They are giving away a package that adds up to $24,000. All entrants have to do is post a video less than 60 seconds long about why they should win. The contest has been going on since December 14th and still no one has entered. We have about 2,500 likes on our Facebook page and have done sponsored posts that have…

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