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Holy Trinity School Career Night – LinkedIn for your career

On Tuesday, Nov 17th, Clare McDowall was the keynote speaker at Career Night for Holy Trinity High School in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  Current students, alumni and parents crowded into the auditorium to hear about using LinkedIn to build and define your personal brand at any stage in your career. [fancy_box id=4][content_upgrade id=312]Want some free LinkedIn help? Click here for our special offer![/content_upgrade][/fancy_box] Highlights from the talk that focused on Hacking The LinkedIn Algorithm included: How to write an engaging LinkedIn…

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5 Mistakes People Make On LinkedIn 

I LOVE LINKEDIN. There. I said it.  I love it despite that fact that, outside a core group of die-hards, few people seem to quite ‘get’ it, especially the great business and personal potential it holds. Mistake 1 – Thinking LinkedIn is a static résumé With over 200 million members in 200 countries, you’d be crazy to dismiss this social network as a static resume. LinkedIn is: Groups of likeminded professionals A highly targeted advertising platform A social network for…

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LinkedIn Recommendations

Asking is awkward

You may be surprised to hear that many people are as worried about asking for LinkedIn recommendations as you are. <————————–Do you think THIS might happen? Asking others to do something for you is awkward, isn’t it? But oddly, helping others feels good, right?! Studies have shown that people are afraid to ask, or feel awkward asking others for help, even more so when it comes to online things. YET… Those very same people reported that if a friend or colleague asked…

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Boomers Without A Brand: Becoming Extinct?

“You need to be on social media.” “Candidates must have a solid understanding of digital and social media.” Keep hearing the same thing? Baby Boomers, particularly, were raised and educated in a time when job security was a given. Companies hired for life, and when you reached retirement you were given a decent pension, a gold clock and a fond farewell.  And while Canada’s unemployment rate (for workers not considered ‘youth’) hovers around 7%, changes in skill set demands are worrying…

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LinkedIn ‘Back to School’ Tips

It’s almost ‘back to school’ time – Get your A+ in LinkedIn What’s the point in having a great LinkedIn profile if you never tell anyone about it?  We have five LinkedIn tips to help you get an A+. Here are five places you should be sharing your personalized URL. Your professional AND personal e-mail signature.  Most people forget about their personal e-mail signature, but you often interact with great people there too, take the opportunity to share your skills with…

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