Over the course of the summer, Clare and I spent a significant part of our time coaching executive-level professionals about their online presence (the cool kids are calling it your personal brand).

We learned a lot of things throughout this process. As (just barely) millennials, Clare and I take a lot of things for granted. Internet literacy and comfort are two such things (after all, our formative years were spent with Internet access). Our coaching clients reminded us that many top-level pros grew up in a time where sharing and transparency meant something very different. In fact, many of our clients didn’t even have an email account in their early careers!  Clients also taught us that it’s hard for people in executive positions to justify spending time on social networks, including LinkedIn, because it’s hard to equate ROI with an up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

Dear awesome clients, we heard you:

  • Time is money.
  • Transparency and openness aren’t hardwired.
  • Where do I even begin?
  • What is the actual value of spending time on LinkedIn?

We realized that everything our clients taught us made complete sense. We also realized that there were a ton of other professionals who would benefit in a big way from step-by-step coaching on how to use LinkedIn and, most importantly, why LinkedIn is such a powerful business tool. 

We’ve pulled all the LinkedIn expertise we’ve accumulated over the years and are excited to give it to you for free. Introducing…

Free series: LinkedIn for Executives

This 10-email series walks you through the basics of LinkedIn. First, you’ll get your profile cleaned up and updated and you’ll learn how to leverage features you might not know about. This will highlight your expertise and give you a professional online presence. 

Next, you’ll learn about the unspoken etiquette rules. You’ll be put at ease and gain confidence about the way you interact and present yourself on LinkedIn. No more wondering, “Am I doing this right?” This section has been a crowd favourite in tests.

Finally, you’ll gain a perspective on LinkedIn that will allow you to use the network strategically for your professional and business interactions. You’ll know why LinkedIn is a valuable business tool and how to spend quality time leveraging your network.

Ready to get started? Head over to http://sociallygood.ca/landing-page-linkedin/ to access our free series on LinkedIn created specifically for executive-level professionals.