It’s almost ‘back to school’ time – Get your A+ in LinkedIn

What’s the point in having a great LinkedIn profile if you never tell anyone about it?  We have five LinkedIn tips to help you get an A+.

Here are five places you should be sharing your personalized URL.


  1. Your professional AND personal e-mail signature. 
    Most people forget about their personal e-mail signature, but you often interact with great people there too, take the opportunity to share your skills with as wide an audience as possible. If they are interested, they will click.
  2. On your business cards
    A no-brainer. If your org doesn’t have room in their templates, why not create your own networking cards?  These mini-moo cards are inexpensive and noteworthy.
  3. On your twitter bio
    If it’s a personal account, and you don’t have a website or blog, better to direct people to your LinkedIn profile than, say. the org you work for. Who pays you for your skills should not define who you are on social media.
  4. On your resume
    Your LinkedIn profile should be rich, engaging, and full of all the great things you’ve done, what you are passionate about, things you read and think about, and links to things you are or have been involved in. It should also be loaded with recommendations and endorsements!   Can’t say that about a boring old paper resume, can you? So, be sure to direct hiring mangers to all this great content, ok?
  5. Registering for conferences 
    When you register for a conference or event, you are often asked to provide option extra information about yourself. Again, instead of directing people to the website of your employer, direct them to YOU and your exciting professional profile.

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