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Workshops & Training

Are you ready to get your team educated on digital trends? Socially Good trains and educates your employees in hands-on sessions. Our sessions are practical as well as theoretical, and are a great personal development opportunity for teams looking to improve their digital communications and marketing skills.  

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is still the most effective form of digital marketing, still consistently delivering the highest ROI of all digital channels. Socially Good designs, writes, and implements email marketing campaigns for your business or your nonprofit.  We’ll leverage targeted email lists to get the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Social Media

You need to reach your target audience on social media. We can help. Socially Good creates and executes a comprehensive social media strategy and plan for your brand based on your business or nonprofit goals. It’s all about finding the right people, providing those people with useful Socially Good will set up your social media profiles, or take over the management of existing accounts. Here’s what you can expect: a targeted, goals-based approach to managing your online community; sharing relevant…

Content Marketing

Great content is what builds your brand reputation, and drives traffic to your website. It needs to align with your business goals, and your audience needs.   Content marketing is effective because it creates a relationship between your customers and your business. When a relationship is created the likelihood of the customer buying your company’s product or service increases substantially because you’ve built trust with your brand. Through content marketing you’re giving your company a voice. What do you have to say to your audience? …

Integrated Digital Strategy

If you are frustrated that your digital and social media efforts haven’t been paying off, it’s probably because you haven’t tied your efforts to your business goals, and documented a strategy that ties activities to measurable outcomes. At Socially Good, we start here.  Always.  We can’t be successful without asking the tough questions.  

Who is Socially Good?

Clare McDowall

Clare has been working with online networking tools since 2004!  For 12 years she has been an enthusiastic and passionate learner and later, teacher in this space.

From LinkedIn to Twitter to wider social media and strategic digital communications strategy and planning, it has been a long journey.

She has helped many organizations do better digital marketing, from large Universities and art institutions, to small, local businesses, and many, many nonprofits.  Clare is a regular speaker at conferences across Southern Ontario and in 2016 launched her first fully online training course, Digital Literacy For Leaders after years of feedback and experience dealing with senior leadership still operating from a place of fear and disillusion with digital.  The Digital Literacy For Leaders movement aims to tackle the critical knowledge gap at the very top of the decision making chain, moving more organizations into a place of expertise and growth with their digital activities.


How To Use Hashtags on Twitter

 Time to read this post:   5 Twitter Tips For Using Hashtags Effectively Over the course of one second, just one little blink of the eye, 143,000 new tweets hit the airwaves. Twitter considers that to be a pretty big number. Who wouldn’t? But it makes you wonder—how can anything make an impression with all that activity? Actually, it’s easier than you think: Just learn how to use hashtags. And I mean really use them. Hashtags serve a lot of purposes, but down at the very…

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#Subzeroselfie social media fundraising – Socially Good

Click to view Allie’s interview with CTV News about the #SubZeroSelfie movement Not sure what #SubZeroSelfie is? Check out this post from Allie on the movement to raise money and awareness about homelessness, especially during these extreme cold snaps in Ontario. Lets talk about ‘viral’ social media fundraising campaigns, and what that actually means. 1)  Organizations can’t ‘own’ this type of campaign The Ice bucket challenge wasn’t created by the ALS Association, it started as a conversation between friends on…

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Facebook for Nonprofits: A Waste of Time?

{REBLOG} I bet you’ve noticed the change—that is, if your organization is striving to use Facebook to strengthen connections with supporters and prospects and spur them to give. And by now you’ve probably heard the raging discussion about Facebook’s value—or lack thereof—for nonprofits and for-profits alike. Now, when checking Facebook page activity stats (aka Insights) for our client organizations, I make sure to dive in with a sweet treat in hand. That’s because I need to balance the bad news—which…

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Women rule (at) social media

Happy International Women’s Day 2014. 2 days ago this infographic, based on US stats started doing the rounds on blogs and social media.  At first my attention was drawn to the fact that ladies are lagging behind on LinkedIn – why ladies?  Why?  Then I stopped to realize that we don’t have to be better at everything, just most things!  Why more women should pay attention to LinkedIn is a whole separate blog I will save for another time. So…

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Supercharge Your Social Media in 2014 – Socially Good

On January 29th, Over 150 people tuned in to get my 10 tips to supercharge your social media in 2014.  FOMO? (That’s ‘Fear of Missing Out’) Don’t worry, it’s all here to consume at your leisure. Supercharge Your Social Media in 2014 #StorytellingNonprofit fromClare McDowall What will YOU do differently in 2014? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. – Clare   Source: Supercharge Your Social Media in 2014 – Socially Good

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