At Socially Good, we spend lots of our time keeping up with changes, trends, new platforms, best practices and tools and techniques.  At this time of year, lots of outlets are publishing their tips, predictions and ideas about what will be ‘hot’ in 2016, and where we should all be focussing our efforts when it comes to digital marketing.  To help you out, dear reader, we have scoured the web, read them all, and selected the best of the best to give to you to read.

The Dollars are in the Data

1. Why Collecting Data Is the Most Important Part of Lead Generation

Why we recommend it:  Understanding your digital audience can seem overwhelming. Creating ‘audience first’ content is often a big shift of mindset for an organization.  This blog post demonstrates how much data is out there, if you are willing to invest in accessing it, and what that access means for your marketing success.

2.  Get more opens and clicks using behavioural targeting

Why we recommend it:  Prepare to have your mind blown!  Behaviour based marketing communications convert five times better than regular campaigns.  That stat is reason alone to read this article.

Remarketing / Retargeting

All through 2015, we talked with out clients about the power of remarketing.  Many had never heard of the concept, and you may not have either.  So we’ve pulled together some great resources that explain what power this marketing tactic has to re-engage your audience.

3.  The Performance Marketers Guide to Retargeting 

Why we recommend it:  A beginners guide.  Starts with a great explanation of what retargeting (or remarketing) is, and goes through the need-to-know points.  For more advanced learning, check out Part 2.

Spruce Up Your Content for 2016

4.  How to Optimize Your Newsletter in 2016

Why we recommend it:  Honestly?  Because most email newsletters are horrible!

5.  The Guide to Landing Page Copywriting

Why we recommend it: You can always make your pages more relevant, more persuasive and more delightful. The same goes for becoming a better writer. The area where those two ideals intersect – conversion-centered copywriting – is what this ebook is all about.

Optimize Your Website For Better Conversion

6.  Optimize your website for better conversion

Why we recommend it:  Hubspot share simple, practical, and totally do-able tips that can improve the number of email sign ups you get, the number of people transacting on your site and more.  More of that equals more money!  So read this and take action today.

7.  How to fix website blunders that are costing you leads

Why we recommend it:  Marketers often ignore IT.  Simply because they think its none of their business, or they don’t understand how it impacts their work, but it does!  A slow loading website KILLS your content, no matter how great it is. Read this to learn more about how your developer needs to become your best friend.

Social media

8.  20 Things Social Media Professionals Can’t Ignore in 2016

Why we recommend it:  Because the social media landscape has changes dramatically in the last few years.  If you think social media can be done off the edge of someone’s desk while they do their ‘real’ job, this article is a must read for you.

Free PlaningTools for 2016

Finally, a couple of templates from Tailwind (who have a great Instagram and Pinterest scheduling and reporting tool)

Instagram content calendar and Pinterest content calendar.